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ANSI/Turbo Pascal to C/C++(liunx) Description

This is yet another Pascal to C/C++ converter. The primary idea of this converter is to produce readable and supportable code which preserves style of original code as far as possible.
Converter recognizes Pascal dialects which are compatible with Turbo Pascal 4.0/5.0 and ISO Pascal standard - IEC 7185:1990(E) (including conformant arrays). At this moment it was tested with Turbo Pascal, Oregon Pascal, Sun Pascal and HP Pascal.
Converter can produce both C++ and C output. Using of C++ language allows to encapsulate some Pascal types and constructions into C++ classes. So mapping Between Pascal and C++ becomes more direct then between Pascal and C. I use C++ templates to implement Pascal arrays and files. Special template classes are used for conformant arrays. C++ like streams are used to implement Pascal IO routines. The same runtime library is used both for C and C++.
Now PtoC recognizes Turbo Pascal's extensions, such as units, strings, some special types and operations. Turbo Pascal extensions are supported only for C++ language.
At this moment PtoC successfully converts more than 400,000 lines of Oregon Pascal to C (from RSX to OpenVMS). To test C++ translation and conversion of Turbo Pascal extensions I convert BGIDEMO.PAS and LISTER.PAS files from Turbo Pascal distribution and also convert some numeric programs written on Turbo Pascal by My Friends. To check quality of conversion please look in file bgidemo.cxx which was produces from original Borland bgidemo.pas without any manual changes. Moreover it is possible to compile it, link with WinBGI library and run it under Windows or X-Windows.

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